Women Bylines

Women Bylines, is a project I read about online organised by a ‘CHIME FOR CHANGE.’ And it is something amazing that I think everyone should know about. So much of what we read, hear, and see in the media shapes the way in which we see the world, which is why this project is so essential. It is one that is devoted to celebrating the voices of marginalised women of today.

Women Bylines as a projects sets up a series of workshops, in which established professionals in fields such as journalism and creative writing, mentor other women, aiding them in devising ways to tell their own unique stories in their own creative ways. They are brought forth into a space of security, confidence and professional guise in order to share their stories of under-represented females globally. By sharing these important stories of struggle and hardship directly from the pen of these marginalised women, ‘Women Bylines,’ has the potential to change and shape the way in which people see the world. It highlights importance and value the lives of women, who have too often been ignored and belittled by society today.

The first Chime for Change Women Bylines project event was held in 2015 in Erbil, Iraq . Renowned and successfully established journalist and activist Mariane Pearl, who also serves as a project manager on Women Bylines, lead a workshop on the art of storytelling for women who were Yazidi and Christian refugees recovering after fleeing ISIS.

The result of this project is the deliverance of stories that echoe the universal truth of the fact that when women come together in unity to tell their stories, they are impactful, helpful, and deep fully resonant.

Pearl noted that in her opinion after working with these women, there was no difference between them and French women. For the Yazidi women the intense workshopping was transformative. Ranging from women who were just ending their education at university, to women years into fully fledged careers, Women Bylines left all inspired to share their stories with the world.

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