Film and Television Reviews : Films to be enjoyed, Loved and cried to.

“The moment we cry in a film is not when things are sad but when they turn out to be more beautiful than we expected them to be.”

-Alain De Botton

I admit this with no shame, I think I spent all my time as a child just watching tv. I fell in love with film and television shows and the way stories presented visually in beautifully creative and twisted ways can move you to tears, or spur you to laugh until you can feel it in your gut. Shared here will be my thoughts on some of the films and tv shows that have really moved me or have a special place in my heart, as well as newly discovered gems that should be watched, watched, watched!

OCTOBER: A beautiful, heart breaking love story that will leave you feeling pure and moved.

I stumbled upon this movie whilst browsing online, bored in a café on a cold winter’s evening, in between lectures. The poster was simple, as was the title, differing from other movies featuring Varun Dhawan. I was intrigued. What can I say ? I should trust my instincts more often because this film absolutely took my breath away. I was 18 when I saw it, and it honestly felt as if someone had written down the definition of love and played it in front of me. I left the café with white jasmine flowers dancing through my mind, tears in my eyes, and the idea that love is something that is obvious but can simultaneously be expressed through the most minute and strangest of gestures. Gestures that don’t even make sense to external viewers. Shuili’s character is one that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Her empty stares, ironically full of pain and emotion, are effectively haunting. In reciprocation Dan’s devotion to an acquaintance he could barely call a friend, doesn’t just tug at the viewers’ heart strings but cuts them clean sharp.

Devotion and love spoken without words, without a history, is what makes this film so beautiful and melancholic. Dan’s concern and care for Shiuli grows as he begins to visit her in the hospital during her comatose state. Their bond becomes deeper and Dan is drawn further into this world. Although Shoojit Sircar never uses dialogue to confirm a reciprocation of ‘love’ between the two characters, the silences, the stares, and the constant connection drawn between Dan and Shiuli, be it in his dreams, or through the various scenes where he visits her at the hospital, creates a unique and beautiful love story. A love story between two young kids. But one that is not based at school, or a place of buzzing ambition about high flying youths. Instead It’s a simple story about a young girl who falls into a comatose state unable to recover, and her colleague, whom she barely spoke to, devoting his life to being by her side, and from these frequent visits and painful stares develops devotion and love. A love that is real, flourishing from unspoken connection. That’s when you know you’ve got a good movie, when the characters that have been created imprint on you in some way that explain an aspect of life that connects with you’re soul.

If you are looking for film to escape our ever consuming world, one that shows that humans are capable of loving in a way that is totally unselfish and hopeful, then October is the one to watch. I hope one day you find the jasmine flower that keeps you breathing when you are in a coma.

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